Announcing the DMTA Equity & Inclusion Fellowships – The profession of mediation needs improvement in the areas of equity and inclusion to address the needs of all potential clients. 

The current calls to end racial injustice and systematic racism underscore how far the field in Massachusetts has lagged in these efforts.  As one step in our efforts to help improve the field of divorce mediation, Divorce Mediation Training Associates is launching the DMTA Equity and Inclusion Fellowships – Click to learn more about these fellowships or to apply.

DMTA GOES ONLINE – Take advantage of a bad situation, by using your extra time sheltering in place to learn a new skill or augment an old one. At DMTA we typically offer two 40 hour divorce mediation trainings per year, and only in person because of the value of in person role plays. But these are unique circumstances, and online mediation has become the norm, at least for now.  Until further notice the DMTA trainings will be online via Zoom.

Learn Divorce Mediation with online lecture, demonstrations, and the opportunity to practice online mediation role plays in video-conference break-out rooms led by experienced facilitators.

The next training will take place over nine mornings from 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM.
October 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 & 30.

Our usual price is $1,850, but given the unique circumstances and timing we will be offering a one-time discount of $1,700 per person. If you have previously been trained and would like the opportunity to refresh your skills and practice mediating online, take advantage of our retake rate of $925.

Divorce Mediation Training Associates is one of the oldest and most experienced divorce mediation training organizations in the country. Attorneys John Fiske, LL.B. and Diane Neumann, M.A., J.D., founded DMTA in 1989 and in 2018, after 30 years of training mediators, turned DMTA over to Attorneys Ellen Waldorf and Justin Kelsey

This unique Divorce Mediation Training offered by DMTA has been taken by over 850 people in New England, including eight Massachusetts Probate and Family Court Judges.

In addition to keeping the Divorce Mediation Training going twice per year, Ellen and Justin are expanding the offerings of DMTA beyond divorce mediation to include other areas of mediation and other conflict resolution skills. These trainings will be offered under the name Conflict Resolution Training Associates.

We hope Conflict Resolution Training Associates can further the mission of DMTA by expanding our training offerings. The first such offering will be our Mediation Masters Training.

For more information on our current trainings:

Intensive 4-Hour Divorce Mediation Training Program

Located in Massachusetts, our intensive 40-hour divorce mediation training program equips you with the skills of a divorce mediator and satisfies Massachusetts Rule 8 training requirements for mediators and court approved parent coordinators. Whether you are an attorney, therapist, financial planner or other professional, we have designed our divorce mediation training for those who want to start a private divorce mediation practice, add divorce mediation to an already successful practice, or learn mediation skills for working with couples in conflict. We’re not just trainers—we’re professional divorce mediators who practice what we teach.

8-Hour Divorce Law Basics for Mediators and Non-lawyer Professionals

Divorce mediators need to have a working knowledge of divorce law to be effective.  Our 40-hour training works best when all the attendees have a basic level of knowledge about divorce law.  For that purpose, we also offer a 8-Hour Divorce Law Basics course prior to the 5-day training.  This training will help professionals who are not as familiar with family law in Massachusetts get the most out of the Divorce Mediation Training.  It’s also available to registrants who have previously taken a divorce mediation training and want a refresher on divorce law in Massachusetts and professionals who work with divorcing clients and want to better understand the issues faced by their clients..

Ellen Waldorf and Justin Kelsey conduct their 40-hour mediation trainings and 8-hour trainings multiple times year, at least once in Spring and again in the Fall.  Ready to reserve your spot?  Please fill out the registration form online. We look forward to hearing from you.

Masters Training Series:

Mediators straddle many disciplines and skill-sets. Regardless of your profession of origin a great mediator has to have skills and knowledge bases in communication, facilitation, psychology, law, finances, and more. That’s why for great mediators, training never ends.

Conflict Resolution Training Associates is committed to offering the highest level of trainings to mediators looking to obtain, maintain, and master mediation skills & techniques.  To that end, we are launching a Mediation Masters Series of trainings. Learn more about the Mediation Masters Training by clicking here.