Divorce Mediation Training (40 hours)

Divorce Mediation Training

Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned practitioner, or a person interested in exploring what mediation has to offer, we have designed this course to provide you with the tools and techniques you will need to be a successful mediator.

The 40 hour Course: During this course, we provide opportunities for you to practice what you are learning. Classes are small in order to create a lively, interactive environment. We focus on the skills you need and you practice putting them to use, so that you leave the course with a firm grasp of successful mediation techniques.

Satisfies Massachusetts Rule 8 training requirements for mediators.

This training satisfies Massachusetts Rule 8 training requirements for mediators.  Since January of 2005, Massachusetts has coupled with the Uniform Rules of Dispute Resolution – known as “Rule 8”.  This Rule established court-connected alternative dispute resolution, which includes mediation in the Massachusetts court system.  Our Divorce Mediation Training of 40 hours exceeds the 30 hour Rule 8 minimum, and our Divorce Mediation Training covers advanced divorce mediation.

“Taking this mediation training was a life changing and life enhancing experience. Everyone can benefit from taking this training, no matter what they do.”
— Paulette Speight, Financial Therapist
Member of the National Mediation Training Registry

Consider our supplemental 8-Hour Divorce Law Basics Training as well:  The Divorce Mediation Training works best when all the attendees has a basic level of knowledge about divorce law.  In order to help attendees with less divorce experience we also offer an 8-hour Divorce Law Basics for Mediators course prior to the 40 hour training.  This training will help professionals who are not as familiar with family law in Massachusetts get the most out of the Divorce Mediation Training.  It’s also available to registrants who have previously taken a divorce mediation training and want a refresher on divorce law in Massachusetts. Learn more about the 8-hour training here.