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35 years of Training Mediators

Divorce Mediation Training Associates began training mediators in 1989 with John Fiske, Diane Neuman and Phil Woodbury. Since that time DMTA has trained over 950 mediators and continues today under the supervision of Ellen Waldorf and Justin Kelsey. Ellen and Justin have recruited an experienced and diverse faculty to assist them in continuing to carry on the traditions Diane, John and Phil began.

While going through some boxes of past materials, Justin found the attached flyer for DMTA’s inaugural training. We’ve created a flyer for our next training that matches the styling, but also highlights some obvious updates to DMTA’s practices:

  • the October, 2024 training will be online via Zoom (a technology not available in 1989)
  • DMTA is now an APFM Verified Training provider
  • the registration is online at dmtatraining.com

Despite these updates this retro flyer reminds us that the core principles we teach in this training and the training methods themselves have not changed significantly. While technological updates augment our practice, mediation is still about personal interactions in conflict resolution and a lot of our materials and experience are similar to the trainings Diane, John and Phil were doing 35 years ago.

If you’re interested in taking a training or learning more visit our Registration page or Curriculum page and don’t hesitate to share these flyers with anyone who may be interested as well!