Divorce Mediation Training Associates: A History of Leadership in Mediation Training

John Fiske and Diane Neumann, after their 30th year of helming Divorce Mediation Training Associates, handed over the reins in the Fall of 2018 to Justin Kelsey and Ellen Waldorf.

Fiske and Neumann helped pioneer divorce mediation in Massachusetts in the late 1970s and 1980s.  Fiske and Neumann originally teamed up with Philip Woodbury in 1989 to teach lawyers, therapists and others how to mediate divorces.  Since that time, DMTA has trained over 800 new mediators including future and former Massachusetts Probate and Family Court judges and dozens of the court’s probation and family service officers.

Fiske and Neumann teamed up with to teach their last DMTA class in October 2018 along with Kelsey and Waldorf, who will continue training new divorce mediators under the DMTA banner.  Kelsey owns Skylark Law & Mediation PC in Southborough.  He is a frequent teacher of mediation and collaborative law and may be best known to non-mediators for the child support and alimony calculators maintained on Skylark’s website.  Waldorf attended DMTA training in 2000 and 2001 and has been mediating ever since, currently at eWaldorf Mediation in Newton.  In recent years, Waldorf has taught at DMTA.

Those hoping to learn from Fiske and Neumann will be happy to hear that they still guest at the training when available.  To learn more about the current trainings available click here.